How to Play Coin Master Like a Professional Gamer in 2022

Coin Master becomes very popular because of its interesting game levels and features. There are lots of gamer love to play this game and people who start to play the game want to become a professional gamer. Right?

Play Coin Master Like a Professional

That’s why we want to discuss how you can play Coin Master like a pro gamer on your mobile device. Here you can learn everything about coin master playing tips and methods.

If you like to play Casual games and try lots of games then you love the Coin Master game. Because it comes with lots of pretty unique gaming ways and features. That’s the main reason users really love the game and actively play daily.

So, if you also want to play and enjoy the game with your friends and family then you can install this game. Also if you are interested to know how to play the Coin Master game like a pro then let’s dive into the post.

What Is Coin Master Game?

Coin Master is a casual mobile game available for Android as well as iOS. It publishes on the app store and plays store in 2016 and it completes 100 Million+ downloads. The download still growing and most of the gamer love to play this game.

Another great thing is the game is completely free to play and definitely, it has some extra features for in-app purchases. But you can definitely play the game completely free.

Here you need to collect coins and spins. Using those coins, you can upgrade your village and the spins give you more elements for your base. Spins actually use for the slot machine. When you try to use the Slot Machine, you need the Spins and without any Spin, you can’t use it. Overall the game is pretty interesting and you definitely need to know how to play Coin Master like a professional gamer.

How You Can Play Coin Master Like a Professional

If you install the game for the first time, then you get a basic village design and all the elements are level one. You can’t be a real Coin Master on the first night. You need to learn and play the game. Here you can learn how to play coin master like a pro.

After installing and open the game, you get some free coin master spins and coins for start. But, you need to collect more spins and coins for growing in the game. Using those free coins, you can create your first village base and upgrade some elements.

Then you get access to the Slot Machine which is the main thing of this game. The first time, you get only 50 free spins and you can use it on the Slot Machine. Just click on the Spin button and wait for the gifts like Coin bag, Shield, Hammer, and more.

As long as you use the Slot Machine and match the three same elements, you get the maximum benefits. Also, you can collect free spins and coins from our site as well. It will help you to complete the initial levels.

So, there are two main things in the game that is your village and slot machine. To access, just swipe up and down your smartphone screen. It is pretty easy to access your dream base and the Slot Machine. Like when you swipe up, you can see your village and when you swipe down, you can access the slot machine.

Now the question is what you get in the Slot Machine, right? Here you can see it.

  • Coin Bag: Here you can see a bag with coins. If you match all the coin bags, you get the maximum gold coins. It is the best way to get lots of coins easily.
  • Gold Coin: Gold coin looks like a single coin and here you get very few gold coins in your game. But you may not necessarily match all the three and still you get some of the coins.
  • Spins: If you match three Spins in the slot machine then you get some free spins for using the machine again.
  • Raid Pig: It helps you to attack another village and loot lots of coins.
  • Hammer: Hammer is very necessary to attack your competitor’s village and broke the village.
  • Shield: If you want that no one attacks your village then you need Shield. Now, if you match the Shield in Slot Machine then your village is protected by it.
  • Energy Capsule: Energy Capsule is the best way to get maximum Spins in your account.

Those are the elements that you can find or get from the Slot Machine. So, try to get the thing which you need most. Definitely, it is not completely on your hand but you need to spin and get the bonuses.

1) Excellent Strategy

When you play a game, the excellent strategy helps you to win and complete all the hard levels. Basically, it depends on your gaming skills, knowledge of all elements, and more. Now, if we talk about the Coin Master gameplay, here you have to collect spins, coins, and raid another village for maximum loots.

Here the Slot Machine plays an important role in this game. As you use it better, you can complete all the levels and modes and play Coin Master like a pro. So, try to collect more free spins and use them on the Slot Machine. Another thing is to upgrade the village elements to the maximum level. And you need all three Pets and Shield to protect your base village from another player’s raid.

2) Enjoy to Play with your Friends

There is no doubt that Coin Master is a multiplayer game. It means you can play this game with your friends and online gamer all over the world. Here you no need to send an invite link to your friends via email or social media.

All you need to do, login the game with your Facebook account and then you can play it with all your social media friends.

3) Village Building and Upgrading

Village building is a very necessary thing to do in the Coin Master game. When you get to the first village then all the elements are on the first level. But you need to upgrade those things to reach the next level.

But when you try to upgrade your village, you need lots of gold coins. So, you need to collect them first. Definitely, you need some of the coins when you install the game and sign in with your Facebook account. After then you need to collect from the links and the Slot Macing.

Using the spins, you can get lots of coins from the Slot Machine. When you match three Coin bags, you get the maximum gold coins. And the best part is, when a single coin bag appears, you get some of the coins.

4) Earn Coins and Spins

To play Coin Master like a professional, you need lots of Coins and Spins. Because it is the basic and necessary thing. The best way to get Spins with ease is to click the free Spin Link daily from our website. Here we update daily Spin and Coin Links for you. You need to click on the link and then you will automatically redirect to the game. And then you earn lots of coins and spins.

Another way is to use the Slot Machine with the free spins. We already discuss about it and it also a great way to earn Coins and Spins as well.

5) Collect Cards and Stars

Cards are also a very important thing in this game. Here you need to collect similar cards to get amazing rewards and bonuses. As you collect lots of cards, you can get spins, coins, and other rewards.

Also, the Stars play a great role in the game especially wining the raids against another village. You can see all the stars that you earn in the top-left corner. So, play and earn as many stars as you can.

6) Use Pets when It Need

Pets are very beneficial for loots and protect your village. The two pets that are Foxy and Tiger are for loot lots of gold coins. And another pet which is Rhino helps you as a shield. Actually, it protects your village from another gamer attack.

Make sure you collect Free Pet Food for surviving your pets. Without the food, your pets are not working. So, get free food and use the pets during raiding.

7) Raid Another Village for Loot

You need to raid another village for loots gold coins and for stars. So, raiding to your friends or other gamers village is very necessary for complete the two hundred twenty one levels. You need to try as much as raid you can.


Here we discuss about how you can play Coin Master game like a pro. Definitely you need to give more time and efforts to be a professional gamer. I hope you like our article. If you like the kindly share it with your friends.

Now, I want to hear from you. Which method or way you like most?

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